Hello there, my name is David, and I’m a software developer with entrepreneurial tendencies.

Over the last year or so, I’ve been working towards finding my financial independence. I’m not out to build the next billion dollar company, but as an indie hacker, I would like to make enough from my products to keep me from having to get a “real job.” I believe my best path forward is to start my own software business. All I need to do is build, market, and sell the products I develop. Easy, right? Right?!

I can develop software, but there’s so much more to starting a business that I need to start learning. So where do I begin? Based on a few conversations I’ve had with some friends, here are some things that I want to get good at in hopes it’ll help me get to the next level:

Participating in the communities that I choose to serve

Being a part of a community can be a huge advantage. Simply being around other like-minded individuals can lead to conversations and opportunities I wouldn’t otherwise have. Doing this will also help me achieve my next goal.

Being helpful on the internet

I came across this idea recently of being helpful on the internet. I’m interested in helping people and improving their lives, even by just a little bit. Launching a product is cool, but being the guy that only has a product to sell is not something I’m interested in becoming. Being a part of and helpful to a community is more appealing to me.

Not having a “real job” (aka entrepreneurship)

A “real job” provides a certain level of stability that I haven’t found while doing my own thing. I’ve come to realize that one of the biggest causes of stress I’ve had while on this journey has been due to facing uncertainty on the regular. I’m becoming more and more comfortable with uncertainty, but I’d like to get better in adapting to change while living with the inherent risk that follows.

It’s safe to say I’ve got a lot of learning to do. I’m dedicating this blog to sharing the lessons I learn and the experiences I have along the way.